Drums in the Night offers a different look at WWI

As wars still rage and politics hold us hostage, this election term seems the perfect setting for, Drums in the Night, Bertolt Brecht’s early play about passion, revolution, grief and action. Continue reading

Theatre Mill’s Jekyll and Hyde is tastefully gothic

Theatre Mill deliver an engaging site-specific experience beginning before the venue doors even open, and carrying the audience through the lobby – now a period pub complete with warming fire, period-style drinks and posters, and committed supporting cast creating an atmosphere from the off. Continue reading

Hyena Lounge and why timing a punchline is everything

A great trait among comics is the ability to find the right moment to drop a punchline. Hyena Lounge Comedy Club saw comedians who do that well: Justin Moorhouse, Katie Mulgrew, Rory O’Hanlon and compere Danny McLoughlin. Continue reading