Ballet Black Double Bill: dance review

Led by Artistic Director Cassa Pancho, Ballet Black celebrates dancers of Black and Asian descent. Cathy Marston’s 2018 narrative piece is based on the 1963 short story The Suit by South African writer Can Themba. Originally published in the inaugural issue of South African literary journal The Classic, the story was banned by the apartheid regime. Though that setting is somewhat lost here without follow-up reading, the emotional truth of the characters’ experience sings through this delicate re-telling that honours both the tragedy of toxic jealousy and the breathless lightness of finding oneself welcomed unconditionally in another’s arms. Continue reading

Missing: Why might we rot?

Thumping beats, heavy panting and garbled speech frames Gecko’s new show, Missing. The multi-award winning and internationally acclaimed physical theatre company dive head first into the sensual, visceral, raking sounds of the psyche in another piece that defies intellectual trappings by speaking to us via the non-verbal seventy per cent. Continue reading

In at the Deep End: Metta Theatre presents Little Mermaid

Poppy Burton-Morgan’s new musical version of this popular Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale brings a haunting undercurrent to meet an uplifting overall message. Riverdale meets Alice In Wonderland in the soul-stirring music by Matt Devereaux and stunning design by William Reynolds. Vibrant neon purples and reds provide a vivacious backdrop for Loren Elstein’s more domestic costumes that evoke 1950s synchronised swimmers, complete with floral caps. Continue reading