48 hours of art revealed in free exhibition


SLAPover will open on November 1st.

After two days of being stuck in a room together, a group of artists will be presenting the work they produce in a free exhibition at Salt + Powell.

The exhibition, titled SLAPover, is led by local arts company SLAP and will form part of the Illuminating York festivities on in the city.

SLAP brought the artists together following an application process, with those chosen being required to live and colloborate within the Salt + Powell space on Little Stonegate for 48 hours.

Speaking about the outcome that this was expected to create, marketing manager for SLAP Pete Wise recently told Arts York: “As ever, we’re hoping to see some truly original and idiosyncratic work.”

On keeping the artists together for two days, he added: “hopefully we’ll see the influence of that environment, whether that comes across as collaborative or claustrophobic.”

Talking art in tin hats

The exhibition will open at 6pm on November 1st and visitors will both be able to enter the venue and watch a screening of the event, which will be projected onto the front of the building. For those who will not be able to see the work in action, the exhibition will also be streamed live online and details on this will be made available on SLAP’s Facebook page.

In the run up to the event, SLAP has posted a video on its website of the artists’ activities within Salt + Powell so far. Viewers can watch them discussing work – with what looks like tin trays on their heads – drawing, setting up sleeping quarters and, erm, having a sack race in their sleeping bags.

The event is the first of four arts events by SLAP taking place over November and December, which are supported in part by funding they were recently granted from the Arts Council.

Future events include solo performances at De Grey Rooms, a guerilla performing arts evening and a creative community forum.

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