York artists show their Feathers of Inspiration

Image courtesy of Pauline Carney

Expect to see sculptures, prints and watercolour paintings of a variety of birds. (Image courtesy of Pauline Carney)

With Christmas just around the corner, everyone will be looking for cards, stocking fillers and other decorations with a truly personal touch. What better place to find these than an art fair, right?

Feathers of Inspiration: The Bird Artshow showcases some of York’s passionate watercolour painters, illustrators, graffiti artists and sculptors to name but a few – combining their work under the theme of birds.

With thoughts of robins in mind, curator of the event and artist Pauline Carney saw this as a great opportunity to tie the exhibit in with the festive season. She will be hosting a Christmas stall where visitors can buy individual gifts for friends and family, including plush toys and prints. What’s more, with the number of illustrators and people working with paper crafts getting involved, there will be plenty to choose from.

Image courtesy of Abigail Barlow

Plenty of accessories and prints will be on sale, such as these from Abigail Barlow.

Local art on sale and on display

The fair will have a range of artwork on display and up for sale. Among the people exhibiting is street artist Raze Oner and sculptor Chris Peacock. That’s as well as the likes of award-winning illustrator Becki Harper, surrealist Rosie Khorshidian and papercut artist Clare Lindley among others. Such artists were chosen by Pauline to get a diverse range of talent.

“The common ground throughout all of the artists involved in my exhibitions, is the passion and drive they have for their work and their continual push for high standards! Because of this inherent passion, one thing that visitors, artists and myself alike always take away from the shows is a newly rejuvenated inspiration!”

Feathers of Inspiration will be set against the backdrop of Rouges Atelier, an art space led by painter Jo Walton, and will feature work from resident sculptor and painter Elise Bikker.

Image courtesy of Alex Spencer

Work from local illustrators such as Alex Spencer will be on show.

Uncover the artists’ process

When at the show, she says visitors should feel comfortable talking to the artists, promising that they are friendly and approachable. It’s a good opportunity to get a feel for the work before purchasing it.

“It’s exciting to find out the artists’ process and just how much of themselves has gone into creating their work! As a collector myself, I know this makes owning a piece of artwork all the more precious!”

Feathers of Inspiration will launch on Friday December 6th and will run throughout the weekend. Check it out at Rouges Atelier at 28a Fossgate for an admission fee of £2.

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