Throw Fear Overboard: Hoglets presents The Sleep Pirates

thumbnail_SLEEP PIRATES promo image (1)Moving house is said to be the most stressful event a person can go through in their lifetime, above divorce and even loss. And after a hard day lugging heavy boxes and saying your goodbyes, the last thing you need is a monster in your cupboard.

Hoglets Theatre’s first full production is a tender, lively piece of storytelling adapted from an original short story by Gemma Sharp, who also stars as Bear, a little boy who can’t get to sleep. Shivering under his blanket in his new bedroom, Bear hears a howling wind and sees his cupboard door mysteriously open by itself – not features one usually looks for in a house. After crying for Mummy only for her to see nothing in the room, Bear dons his green monster dressing gown and steps bravely over the threshold into the unknown (or, the cupboard.)

What makes you feel brave?

The Sleep Pirates is a wonderful piece of theatre that recognises that not all of childhood is fun and light, but that there can be precious moments found outside of those things. Keenly observed, it sensitively explores a child’s fear through bravery and adventure, with qualities that make the company not only great storytellers but great parents – open hearts, open ears and open arms. Perfect for firing up the imagination, Hoglets brings communication back into our families through storytelling and play. There are flying ships, dad jokes, singalongs, chases, magic and laughter. As much as the show itself, it was a joy to witness the effect on the children and adults in the audience, and the way they engaged with the action together.

Catch the show today at York Explore at 2pm for a relaxed performance. Tickets are £2, available from the library.

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