Three Day Millionaires release new video for Behind These Eyes

Three Day Millionaires are a punk act from Yorkshire.

Three Day Millionaires are a punk act from Yorkshire.

Yorkshire’s Three Day Millionaires have just released the video for their new single, Behind These Eyes.

The video is designed to look like a B-Movie, with punk act Three Day Millionaires trapping a worker and making him write lyrics to their songs over and over again.

Behind These Eyes is on the band’s new, self-titled EP, which was released through Warren Records on July 24th.

Making up the band are Danny Harrison on bass and vocals, Adam Pyrah on guitar, Nick Milner on guitar and Jamie Dean on drums.

The band got its name from their hometown, Hull’s, history. Three Day Millionaires was a nickname for local fishermen, so called because they were only home three days a year before setting off on another fishing trip. During this time, they would treat their families, buy lavish items and try to enjoy life to the full.

Danny said: “Three Day Millionaires were legends within the city. Real ballers as we’d probably say nowadays. We wanted something relatable, how many times have you been paid or got your student loan through and checked your balance on a Monday and though ‘shit…’? That also ties in with some of the lyrical themes in the album. Everything becomes so much more relevant as you get older. I look at what I haven’t got, rather than what I have.”

The band members are no strangers to live music, as they were formerly in the likes of Freaks Union, The Living Daylights, Outspoken Silence and Vultures in Vivid Colours.

Three Day Millionaires have gained a following in Hull and recently held a launch show for their new EP at Haworth Arms.

Their EP and Behind These Eyes is available through Bandcamp.

Three Day Millionaires – Behind These Eyes from Wildlife Collective on Vimeo.

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