Things Found and Made: An exhibition of exploration

Things Found and Made comes to The Fleeting Arms on 13th October.

Things Found and Made comes to The Fleeting Arms on 13th October.

A collection of unusual findings, with images, sounds, stories and exploration, comes to The Fleeting Arms in Dunmada’s Things Found and Made exhibition.

The exhibition is intended to connect a variety of things, which have either been found or made, through feelings of sharing, questioning or exploring angles that may have been overlooked. It is intended to appeal to fans of film, music, stories, science, paintings, myths and photos. There will also be a Just In section, which will be updated during the exhibition with new findings and investigations.

Dunmada explains: “Discover the hidden layers and meanings within films, music, paintings, and rummage through worlds, the other, science, stories and alternative thinking. Some found and some made, explored and presented to enlighten any nooks and blur any crannies.”

Among the things that are on show are a letter written to Richard Donner in 1989 condemned the Goonies for psychological conditioning and cruelty, an outtake from David Bowie’s studio time while he was making China Girl and an erotic cartoon clip about Mother Hubbard that was taken from the artist Prince’s collection of illicit material. Dunmada also includes pieces about emotional reactions to films, discussing The Wicker Man and Point Break, how the endings could be changed and why that would be possible.

Dunmada said: “All my work is connected with a freedom of expression and an equality of all creativity, a return to what it truly is, beyond any constructed hierarchies, something to open up doors and insights and invite wondering and discovery.”

Things Found and Made comes to The Fleeting Arms on 13th October and is open ended. Entry is free.

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