Vespertine calls for live arts and performance works

Cubed will be on show at St Martin's Church on May 12th as part of Vespertine's launch.

Cubed will be on show at St Martin’s Church on May 12th as part of Vespertine’s launch.

Vespertine is calling for artists and filmmakers to get involved in a series of upcoming free events in York.

The first event is a screening at The Basement as part of Vespertine’s launch event on May 12th, for it is seeking live art pieces and artist films Here, musicians will respond to the showreel and so the films will be shown without sound.

As part of the launch, an interactive light and sound sculpture, Cubed, will be presented by Leeds Hackspace at St Martin’s Church and York composer Tim Wright will present a unique soundscape. Other aspects of the launch include Vespertine chocolates from York Cocoa House, movement and mask workshops with Ellie Tillotson and live sounds by Bradford’s Lord Adonis.

Free arts events

A total of 18 free events will be held as part of Vespertine between May 2015 and Autumn/Winter 2016, curated by creative producers Yvonne Carmichael and Lucy Barker. The events will be held in a number of public and indoor spaces, including York Minster, Rowntrees Park and York Museum Gardens.

What does Vespertine mean?

Vesper is a latin term meaning evening. Vespertine is an adjective that means occurring in the evening; such as animals that become active, plants that bloom and stars that appear at this time.

In keeping with this, Vespertine’s events will open in the evening, as the shops and museums of York close.

The works included will be responsive to the time of day that the events take place, which is between five and eight in the evening, will feature ‘vespertine’ animals, plants and stars or will look at the space between work and play.

People wanting to take part in the launch event should email [email protected] with a link to their video, a Dropbox link to a high resolution file as well as information on the duration of the piece, a description on it and how it fits in with Vespertine and an artist bio. A contact name, telephone number and email must be included. The deadline is 24th April and successful candidates will be told by 30th April.

Those with an idea for future events should email videos, images and links to relevant work along with their proposed plan, the potential duration, ideal spaces for the idea, technical necessities and estimated costs. Selected candidates will receive a budget according to the proposal and these may range from £150 to £700.

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