The Castaways: Who deserves help?

From the moment that The Castaways opens, with the radio crackling to life to provide context, and Sam (Charlotte Wood) walks onstage, it is captivating. Set in a world in which rising sea levels have decimated riverside cities and displaced the people living there, The Castaways tells the story of Sam, a young mum, and her son, Alfie, through the new Britain this has created. The staging is deceptively simple; with nothing more than a radio, a stool, a tent and a teddy, the White Tree Theatre Company have created a performance that is utterly riveting and deeply moving. Continue reading

Preview: The Castaways by White Tree Theatre

York-based company White Tree Theatre bring their powerful one-woman show to York Theatre Royal Studio. The dystopian near-future storytelling piece forms a part of Studio Discoveries, a week of exciting new theatre curated by community programming team Visionari, a new initiative giving voice to the local community. Continue reading