The Lakes Season: Bold Girls

Rona Munro’s 1991 text walks us through modern West Belfast in the palpable aftermath of the Troubles. Distant bombs and gunshots form the backdrop for this slice of life story following four women through personal and domestic trauma. Continue reading

The Lakes Season: Single Spies

Another chapter in York Theatre Royal’s collaboration with Theatre by the Lake, this Alan Bennett double bill directed by Tom Littler brings together two plays: An Englishman Abroad and A Question of Attribution. Continue reading

The Secret Garden: A Love Song To Nature

Bare winter branches stand guard in front of a huge mirrored prism cutting into centre-stage with a bold but cold-shoulder presence as large as the auditorium, echoing Mr Craven’s hunched back; the manifestation of his burden of grief. A protective freeze stills the house like Maleficent’s forest of thorns, and young life is encroaching, demanding growth and freedom. A vintage sheen of rust and silver make the space sparkle before lanterns thaw the world to an Indian summer, where Mary’s (Ella Dunlop) universe is all colour, music and dancing. At least, it would be, if only she were allowed even to be seen at her parents’ lavish parties. Continue reading