Mozart’s Idomeneo by English Touring Opera

I can think of no better way to put Brexit woes behind you than to spend a night watching one of Mozart’s lesser performed (in York, anyway) operas, Idomeneo: the tale of a hapless leader, who makes a rash promise, and then spends the best part of three acts trying to deliver on that promise. Continue reading

Verdi’s Macbeth by English Touring Opera: a classic transcending form

Firstly, I write this review from a theatrical perspective and background, not an operatic one. A lover of Shakespeare and Macbeth, but a novice to this art form; I don’t know my aria from my elbow but I can tell drama when I see it (or hear it) and the English Touring Opera’s version of Verdi’s Macbeth (first performed in Italian in 1847) has it in bucketloads. Continue reading