Coriolanus by York Shakespeare Project: theatre review

Number four in the countdown to completion of the York Shakespeare Project, Coriolanus serves up a simmering vision of strategic class war in ancient Rome via nineteen-eighties Britain. Images of Margaret Thatcher lurk in among bin bags and protest placards stating ‘Give Peace a Chance’ and ‘Corn not Scorn’. Plastic sheaths metal fencing upstage, veiling Frairgate’s black box space as a breeding ground for conspiracy and uprising in this effectively subtle, minimalist production. A disjointed score of upbeat eighties pop music and Thatcher’s ‘U-turn’ speech set the tone for the unsettling tale. Continue reading

Whisky Galore: Best Served with Water of Life

Director Kevin Shaw pools the resources of Oldham Coliseum Theatre, Hull Truck Theatre and New Vic Theatre to produce this new adaptation of Whisky Galore, written by Philip Goulding, set in a nineteen-fifties Cooperative Hall. Inspired by the all-female touring theatre troupe the Osiris Players, this light-hearted show pays homage to a domino-set of communities in its conception, honouring the simple pleasures in life. Continue reading