Into the Woods is a dark delight

The film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s musical Into The Woods has arrived and it is delightful and dark. Viewers are drawn in by their favourite fairytale characters, music and magic and it seems that City Screen has fallen under its spell. Continue reading

Set Fire To The Stars writer Celyn Jones does Q&A

Elijah Wood and Celyn Jones take up the lead roles in Set Fire to the Stars.

Andy Goddard’s big screen directoral debut, Set Fire to the Stars, is coming to the City Screen. Viewers will also be given the opportunity to have their questions answered by writer and actor Celyn Jones and producer Andy Evens of Mad as Birds in a Q&A session. Continue reading

Red Shirt Films: Making laughs on a low budget

Arts York went to the filming of Last Girl Standing.

Those who are guilty of spending idle evenings browsing YouTube videos could do worse than to search for Red Shirt Films – a channel of comedy web series with York as the back drop. Continue reading