Electrolyte: strongly crafted gig theatre

As the theatre door opens the group are testing their instruments, bantering like close friends. The audience is greeted warmly as they enter, creating the atmosphere of going to see a friend play at an open mic night. Continue reading

Tensile Strength (or How To Survive at Your Wit’s End): thoughtful, healing theatre

The audience shuffles into a room filled with empty buckets; writer-performer Holly Gallagher sitting behind a small desk with a stack of paper in front of her. She begins by introducing the idea of the level of stress one person can withstand as a bucket, and the causes of stress as water. Some of our buckets are large, some are small, some are full, some are empty. Continue reading

Tales of Bacon: web series review

Tales of Bacon is a comedic romp through fourteenth-century England, following Elfrida Deverwyck (Gemma Shelton), a ballsy and unapologetic protagonist determined to trek across the country to find her true love, by chance teaming up with Thaddeus Bacon (Adam Elms), a pardoner who delights in offering salvation to the sinners of the land – for enough gold, that is. Continue reading